Saturday, 16 July 2011

Energy Saver!

I feel like a Mum with her first newborn - really haven't a bleedin' clue what I'm doing! Thankfully it's not keeping me awake at night - yet.
Huge appreciation on its way to those who don't mind sparing a little time - I shall help you to find this extra time below ;)
So please - some tips, relevant posts/articles on the following from you old timers out know who you are!
  • How to entice people in to your blog
  • How to encourage them to come back and hopefully subscribe/follow
  • What we can and can't put on our blogs
  • Anything else related!
Meanwhile, for your efforts here is some advice I came up with recently following a friends bemoaning the burden of this familiar household chore...

Free up your time for writing, creating or anything else!

That's all folks, Kzee :)
Energy Saver
If your iron depresses
More than your clothes,
Turn your thinking to more
Than the lie of your hose.
It needn't be necessary
To waste so much time,
Flattening the daylights
Out of what's on the line.
Simply shake, slap it
Then smooth it out,
The electricity saved
Will help dispel doubt.
As for the energy
Expended by you,
There is more now to use
On a pleasure or two!



  1. Aah and to think I'm running a Blog Workshop this weekend :)!

    A few tips:
    Quality of content is v important.Treat your blog as if it were going into print! Edit, edit, edit!

    People will come back if you fulfil their expectations. Find your theme and develop it!

    Add an RSS feed. And perhaps your twitter feed so your online presence is integrated.

    Well, that's just few! Good luck and keep writing!

    And then there is all the other

  2. Oh and when you leave links don't do what I just did - make sure they are links! Oops!

  3. Agreed. A niche is the #1 thing. Then tweet to your target audience. Mine is English epochs and that is who I try to draw. It grows over time. Best wishes!