Friday, 15 July 2011

Right place right time!

Hi there,
It's that Friday feeling! My day has been pretty good so far...I went and joined one of those Gyms for Women: Ladypace with the timed circuits. Not up to the standards of my younger - and fitter - days workouts but quite enjoyable nonetheless. You may or may not have gleened that I once worked in the fitness industry...before my dodgy foot decided to put a stop to that! ( I broke it in a car accident back in !$%&*:#)
So what was it that prompted me to visit there? A few changes are in dire need, namely to get fit (before my op), lose weight and cross off 'buy larger clothes' from my list.
A lovely woman called Lizzy put me through my paces and while I was there her colleague informed her that another member of staff would be leaving. Lizzy and I had been chatting about my background in the industry and she turned to ask me whether I'd be interested in the post on a part time basis.
Given that this kind of luck doesn't come my way very often I was lost for words to say the least...

My foot is due for an operation in September, so we decided that I'd get that out of the way and see about it then. Meanwhile I agreed to gather my qualifications together for their perusal.
Just a little positive glimmer through the window of my life but enough to put a spring in my step all the way home. Which leads me to another advantage, the gym is 5 minutes walk from where I live!
Funny how life can open right up when we put ourselves out there isn't it?
Anyway, I really must get back to my writing before collecting my son from his school disco...
Bye for now, Kzee :)


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