Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A Head to Call my Own!

You may recall my recent bemoaning the end of school and a six week stretch of listening to bored child demanding that I fill each day with entertainment. No? Well, it went something like that. Last week we camped by the sea, it was lovely thank you! This morning I deposited him at a PGL Kids Activity Holiday base, conveniently local to where we live.
Arriving home there was I, desperately looking forward to 'writing time', practically dancing with the dog through the front door whilst repeating the word 'peace' like a mantra.
And now? Now...I miss his chatter, his questions, his enthused energy and need to be fed, which also ensures I take breaks from here! The silence is quite depressing...
Just yesterday he landed at my side dragging his laptop with him and we sat lost in our own virtual worlds - but together. He played amongst strange weevil friends who live in bins and penguins with far more interesting lifestyles than anyone I know...
I sighed frequently and drew on my ever decreasing reserves of patience, two weeks into the hols with no respite.
With zero awareness of the frequent disruption he was causing to my writing state he badgered me for quiz answers. Correct answers would result in him netting more money/tokens to beautify his internet friend's abodes.
Before long I was surprised to hear myself advising him on the necessity to spend wisely and install the necessary white goods first before choosing wallpapers and items of a frivolous nature. What?!%
Oh School, where art thou when I need you?
Now I sit here wondering if he is enjoying it in that strange place (well it is his first time) and munching on chocolate.
However, this blog post didn't just write itself and I have two whole days of - a head to call my own!


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