Saturday, 30 July 2011

I have just the THING!

Yes, you've guessed it - I'm feeling better! Well, better than I've felt all week thanks to a nasty throat infection. Sadly, too ill to Tweet. However, my nose and I have become quite friendly with several toilet rolls. What a way to start the school holidays...

My eleven year old son decided to make me a saucepan of tea as this would make me feel better. Several teabags and half a pint of milk later - I managed a couple of cups - the bathroom sink managed the rest...It was a sweet thought though!

My new exercise regime was most definitely out the window...still not quite up to really, Im NOT! Just a couple more days...I need to get my strength back first.

Anyway, back to this morning...and back on my beloved Laptop - although it's not a good idea to put it on your lap is it? All those EMF's flying about your nether regions. Then again, my beloved Tabletop doesn't cut it either...hmm. This requires a little re-think...but not now, I'm trying to tell you something!

During a daily scouring of my email subscription to Freegle - a local Free Cycle organisation that has gained us some wonderful items cast aside as another's rubbish - we've also managed to clear some of our unwanteds into the outstretched arms of fellow recyclers...

Oops...Where was I? Oh yes - I happened upon a 'Wanted' post for 'Office chair with rise and fall' - and further down - 'Hello all, I am looking for an old tatty office chair with a good set of wheels and a rise and fall gas strut, the seat condition is not important as this will not be used.

Ahh! Thinks me - I have just the thing! However, the seat condition is pretty damn good. Does it not deserve to be sat on? This slight grievance swam through my mind quickly followed by the vivid image of my tatty, brown office chair and trying to imagine an alternative use for it besides plonking backside on. So, with much excitement anticipation (no, I haven't been out for a while) I emailed him back and managed to refrain from enquiring into the future function of said chair. However, this investigation is now well and truly open and I shall keep you posted!
Bye for now, Kzee ;)